What are travel rules in Southern California for the December shutdown?

Southern California hotels are closed to out-of-state guests for leisure travel for at least three weeks under a new stay-at-home order, while in-state residents are being urged to stay home. 

New state guidelines released on Dec. 3 say hotels can’t accept reservations from guests outside California, unless they’re staying long enough to quarantine.

Southern California, as well as a region consisting of a large part of the San Joaquin Valley, saw their available intensive care unit capacities each shrink to well below 15% over the weekend, prompting the onset of the state’s new shutdown protocol to combat the near-overwhelming increase in COVID-19 cases in these areas.

Those rules have to remain in place for three weeks.

“Californians are being urged to avoid non-essential travel statewide,” a California Department of Public Health spokesperson said in an email to The Desert Sun on Dec. 5. “When a region triggers a stay-at-home order, Californians are being asked to do just that: Stay at home unless they must leave their home for an essential or critical need.”