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Rand Paul Outlines $54 Billion in ‘Outlandish’ Government Squander in Yearly Festivus Report

Senator Rand Paul on Tuesday unveiled his annual report outlining of billions of pounds in “certainly outlandish” authorities squander.This year’s “Festivus” squander report, a reference to the fictitious Seinfeld holiday’s “airing of grievances,” documented nearly $54,746,525,000 in cash “thoroughly squandered” by the govt.”Don’t forget this the upcoming time they notify you there is ‘nothing to minimize,'” the Kentucky Republican wrote Wednesday in a Twitter thread highlighting elements of the report.Amid Paul’s scenarios of squander ended up several health reports, including extra than $36 million expended on researching why tension will make hair flip grey, far more than $1 million spent researching whether or not people will consume ground-up bugs, and more than $3 million expended interviewing San Franciscans about their edible hashish use.As significantly as taxpayer dollars invested aiding other nations around the world, $8.62 billion was put in in Afghanistan on counternarcotics initiatives, more than $37 million was put in assisting deal with truant Filipino youth, and more than $3 million was spent on sending Russians to American local community schools for a “gap 12 months.”Among funds used on the atmosphere, strength, and scientific analysis, additional than $1 million was spent strolling lizards on a treadmill, virtually $200,000 was used studying how people cooperate although playing e-sport online video video games, and far more than $2 million on acquiring a wearable headset to monitor eating behaviors.The armed service had a number of specifically substantial expenditures this yr that Paul listed as waste, which includes repurposing $1 billion in coronavirus reaction funds for unrelated acquisitions, more than $ 715 million in missing products specified for Syrians preventing ISIS, and $174 million on drones that ended up lost more than Afghanistan.Other eyebrow-boosting charges bundled extra than $4 million invested on spraying alcoholic rats with bobcat urine, far more than $10 million spent on would-be coronavirus take a look at tubes that turned up as used soda bottles, and practically $6 million used creating a few bicycle storage amenities at Washington, D.C. Metro stations.In 2020, “Congress spent as in no way ahead of, accomplishing so ostensibly without the need of a treatment,” the report reads. “Some of that is traceable to COVID-relevant spending, but a great deal of it was not.”